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Align your spirit, body, mind and soles.

We create comfortable and casual footwear to support our active lifestyles. We depend on biomechanically designed footbeds, natural materials, and stylish designs to keep us aligned in all aspects of our lives. We believe that health and wellness make us our better selves. We strive for progress, not perfection. We are, athletes, mothers, yogis, climbers, travelers and professionals. We need our footwear to work for us. From soul to sole, Revitalign is the leading fashion wellness brand for the modern woman.

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These Revitalign are amazing for me, no foot or back pain and an walk all day in them & no crazy oversized arch. I do hope they come up with more chic styles, would be an avid costumer!
— Christie, New York


Bought this boot for my daughter whom is on her feet over 40hrs a week and wanted to make sure she works in as much comfort as possible which thankfully with the Revitalign shoe/boot has been 100% possible. Thank you Revitalign!!!
— Carmela, California


I haven’t owned a pair of boots in seven years. Not for lack trying. I just wanted a pair of boots for warmth and look cute with tights and leggings. These fit the bill. Please give these a try. Thanks HSN for carrying this line of shoes. I also own two pair of sandals, love them!
— Netti, Kentucky


It has been a long time that I could comfortably stand in apair of shoes without it affecting my knees! Thank you, thank you!
— Chelle, California

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former pro athlete and current fitness expert

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